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milo poem "light" october 2015

Page history last edited by Milo Paton 8 years, 8 months ago

Light” - Milo Paton (Age 13) King’s College School Wimbledon.


As the veil of darkness falls deep,

Ignites the lights of lamps asleep,

Rivulets of fog come passing by,

Muffling the cobblestones’ cry.


As one by one the lamps turn on,

Shawls of light the houses don,

And on the street the coach light glitters,

Mounted on the pavement, the street lamp flitters.


On that gloomy winter’s night,

Illuminated by moonshine bright,

Starlight borne on winds of hope,

A pair of feet go stumbling on.


Footsteps sound through the night,

A wail cuts through the bight, bright light,

Weeping of that lost and motherhood lies,




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Milo Paton said

at 5:31 am on Oct 13, 2015

sorry. isn't finished.

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