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Page history last edited by Michael Hughes 8 years, 6 months ago



by Felix Chadwick-Histed 


Oh bright sunlight shining there,

Dribbling ice creams, crashing waves

Children laughing, men departing

Colours breaking, confections making

The holiday before us


Oh bright sunlight shining there,

The dew, the grass, the concealing far

Heather boldly, marching coldly

The homeland harsh,

Ever last


Oh bright sunlight shining there,

Hustle, bustle, crowding rustle

Inside the city muscle

Fumes, smoke and quiet seclusion

Now see nature smitten down


Oh bright sunlight shining where?

Where is my beloved?

Oh colour coveted.

Given soon to the advancing dark

Reality gone, now dreams dark

Comments (2)

Michael Hughes said

at 5:32 am on Oct 14, 2015

So I see!

Felix Chadwick-Histed said

at 5:15 am on Oct 14, 2015

this is by Felix Chadwick-Histed, by the way

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