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The Eclipse

Page history last edited by Logan Cavanah 5 years, 1 month ago

The Eclipse

Listen, to silence, the crowds gazed in fear,

As two of their gods ran in, coming near,

Night sat in light, and day planned to fight it,

The battle drew near, mere man be enlightened.

Day ran to brawl, but night spread his cloak,

As light was engulfed, the humans lost hope.

The power started shifting, the darkness prevailed,

The land turned to darkness, the flowers turned pale.

But just as light faded, it cursed once more,

And the brightest whites star, through darkness it tore.

And the men, the wives, and the children soon learned,

As they cast their gaze skyward, that the battle had turned.

The day lashed out, and the light was restored,

By the fiery flood, man’s mind filled with awe.

But for the poor humans, evil stalks close to hope,

And the glory, the light, their minds could not cope!

When calmly they stood there, enthralled without doubt,

Their eyes started burning, and rolled to the ground.

And a new darkness sprouted, once comforting and kind,

And blinded the land, with a curse in the absence of


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