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The Royal Grammar School Guildford- RGS

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The Cold Found Us


The cold seeps in

Winter draws near

We took shelter,

The cold found us.


It's getting cold

Temperature drops

We wrapped up,

The cold found us.


The snow falls thick

The moisture enters

We tried to hide,

The cold found us.


Darkness comes early

The night chases swift

We found the light,

But the cold still found us.


By Ollie Jansen





The School


Books, battered, dusty treasures, falling, gliding, drifting

Freezing draught lingers in solitary shadows

Moonlight dances across, entrancing, magical, mysterious


Footsteps echo dangerously, unnerving, spine-chilling, daunting

Lifeless darkness crawls, enveloping, lethal, pernicious

Perplexing breaths wheeze, shocking, horrendous, blood-curdling


Wind howls viciously, draconian, tough, deplorable

Grass sways unnaturally, glistening silver in the moonlight

Leaves flutter peacefully, flying birds of green


Swings glint in silver moonlight, enchanting, marvellous, alluring

Knowledge loiters in the air, brimming with power

The school's silhouette hangs, a dark ghost of wisdom


By Ollie Jansen





Winter is coming in the night,

Radiating a glow of blinding bright light.

Biting winds and icy chill,

Starting and stopping at her will.


As she drifts through the frozen street,

shivering mortals quietly sleep.

A gentle whisper wakes them up soon,

And the snowy blanket is white until they plough through.


I turn around, I see her shimmering eyes;

They're lifeless, blank, showing no surprise.

She calmly smiles and looks into mine,

But she still sends a shiver down my spine.


Star-like snowflakes slowly glide down,

Covering up the tracks, on the frosted ground.

Some unfortunate flakes may have felt,

The heat of the sun, that made them melt.


Winter is coming in the night,

Radiating a glow of blinding white light.

But soon she finds out it is time for her to disappear,

As Spring is approaching, he is almost here.


By Aradhya Soneja


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