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Francis Combe Academy Poets

Page history last edited by Michael Hughes 6 years, 7 months ago

We have had a poet in residence for the past two years. Below are some of the poems students have created.



Poem Year 8





I think I heard a muffled sound coming from beneath the scattered rubbish.


The smell of old burning wood and of paint fills the diluted air.


The broken wood is sharp and the soft blanket is destroyed,


You can see all the piles of wood crushing every life, they hope they’ll find,


The aroma and smell of death makes the thought of war like when a man dies on his throne fighting for his country and death at the door.


The scent of rotting bodies in the distance with blood, like hell, like the devil himself staring in his heartless eyes. All the damage that has happened in the lives that have been lost.


I can hear the nibbling of animals munching slowly onto the dead body crushed under the pile of broken wood.


The taste of slowly rotting corpses lingered in my mouth.


The wind blew the scent of rotting bodies through the broken parts of the rubble as the shouting and crying of people were heard from afar.


The smoke covering the sky rises in my throat.


I can taste the burnt wood in the air and the stale smoke smell in my nose.


I can taste the dirt fluttering in the air and rising to my watery eyes


The smell of thick black smoke and horrifying fear dominates the cloudy air.


The clash of old rusty metal banging together sending shivers down my damaged spine.


The touch of scratched and shattered wood gives me a cluster of splinters on my cut hands and swollen feet.


I feel the sharp pain of splinters under my fingers.


The feeling of fear I feel, as I look around for fighter bombers that are ready to strike again.


He is stuck they can’t help him! He is trapped under the wreck. He might be dead,


I can taste the deadly smoke rising from the depths of the earth.


I see people trying to find important things that remain under the disaster,


The scrambling of people trying to find their beloved’s belongings.


The shattered wood crumbled in my hand.


I see a broken piece of charred wood that looks like a frame, maybe a door frame.


As I touch the brick in my hand it started to crumble.


I see a human wrapped in a blanket, wrapped in a blanket.





Poem Year 9


The ghostly smoke from the luminous flames, burns holes through my tainted heart!

I hear the crushed debris crumble, while I hear the deafening plane engine rumble.

I now sense the mourning and devastation on their loved ones.

Intoxicating were the fierce fumes, my nostrils were inhaling!

You could smell dust, ashes and smoke.

The building tasted like dust,

You could smell the shaking fear of the people and hear their broken hearts beating, fast like a rocket.


I could feel the dirt fluttering, in the air and rising in my watering eyes!

The bumpy walls, scattered on the floors, had anyone been hurt?

The floor shattered as I walked across the bumping rock and glass!

The feel of the crumble of bricks felt like stones.

The sight of rubble, where my home once stood.

I hear the sound of a screeching, bombing plane.

All I see in this horrible sight is broken bricks and shattered stones and a glimpse of light.


I touch the rotten brick and wood under my tingling fingers.

The floor was shattered, my heart skipped as fast as it could because I was petrified.

The smoke tastes like dead people.

I saw how people come out the house. Along with them came rats, a mouse. It was a terrible scene. Soldiers emotionally marched down the street singing God Save the Queen.

The floors are ruined the windows are broken and trashed.


'There, among the piles of bricks I spotted a butcher's knife,

Unbroken, sharp and usable. 

And I saw myself as that knife,

I too was unbroken, still sharp and ready to be used in the fight ahead.'


Dog Soliloquy

Don’t tell by Kieran Plant

Don’t tell Kieran this but…

He is a pain

He hogs the tv

And the sofa

He takes forever in the shower.

I bite his legs to get noticed

But he ignores me

Don tell but I am going to do something bad

Then he will notice me.


Goldfish by Calum Smith.

Swimming in my Tank,

Oh the force field,

Rocks underneath me,

Oh food,

Flakey flake.

Blub blub.

Swimming in my tank

Oh the force field


My Pet  by Maisie Crawley

To your naked eye

I seem sweet, cute

But when you are out

The things I do are


But no one knows it’s me


I chew, nibble

Your underwear                                   

I spit, I dribble

Your bedcovers

I rip, demolish

the furniture.



he Doom Dog by Jake Brown.

Like a bat out of hell I pounce

From left to right I rapidly bounce.

In a split second I can change my face

One minute a devil ,then beauty and grace

I am the doom dog ,yes that’s me.

Bringing terror to the world is what you’ll see.



Nala by Riky Tipper.

I might look like an old girl but we Rhodesian Ridgebacks never back down.

If I want something I get it

The other day my fellow dog friend

Tried to take advantage of me by laying in my bed.

He won’t be doing that again

I did something unpleasant in his food bowl.



Stumpy the Rabbit.  By Natasha Fraher

My name is stumpy

I like to play

Every now and then

I like to circle around your legs

And trip you over.




A clerihew is a four-line comic verse of two rhyming couplets. The lines can be of any length but the first involves the name of the person being written about. Invented by E. Clerihew Bentley.

Here are some from year 7.


Katy Perry       By Taylor Powell


I know a singer called Katy Perry.      

She dyes her hair as red as a berry.

She’s pretty like a flower.

She likes to sing ”I got the power”.                                            


Lionel Messi           By Dailan.


Lionel Messi is a star.

He can kick a ball so far.

He can dribble so fast

Like a car going past.




Justin Beiber       By Shani Amoah.

Oh no! Justin Bieber

Has a fever.

Girls you have to keep away.

He’s going out with Selena Gomez and its staying that way!





Mr Bean    By Jason and Kyle.

Rowan Atkinson is Mr Bean

A character that is silent and mean.

But even so he’s very funny

And makes our world bright and sunny.



Ant and Dec   By George

Ant and Dec

Both have got a large neck.

Sometimes they both look a wreck

They need to get in check, do Ant and Dec.














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