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Holy Trinity Pewley Down

Page history last edited by Marcus Woodhouse 6 years, 7 months ago

Slowly Beating


As I trudged along the stony trail,

and the skies were silent except from the hail

and I saw, burning brightly, a foreign fighter plane's tail,

my heart was slowly beating...


As the guns fired up, causing endless fright,

and the lightning flashed, right through the night,

and an owl soared off, out of sight,

my heart was slowly beating...


As I started to run, away from my home,

and I felt, as small, as a garden gnome,

and my hair was untidy, needing a comb,

my heart was slowly beating...


As I slowed back down, under cover from the trees,

my feet were as cold, as an icy breeze,

and my face felt as though, it was going to freeze,

my heart was slowly beating...


As I roamed across, the frozen lake,

and the tears on my face were starting to make,

me tremble and shiver, shiver and shake,

my heart was slowly beating...


As I came up to, a vertical drop,

and the waves below, seemed to drown the many rocks,

and I wondered if, I should just stop,

my heart was slowly beating...


As I took my last breath, and decided to go,

and plunge headfirst to my death below,

so as I plucked up my courage, and jumped off the snow,

my heart stopped beating...

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Michael Hughes said

at 1:13 am on Oct 14, 2017

A fine contribution from an exciting new talent.

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