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Page history last edited by Marcus Woodhouse 2 years ago


As I mapped out the world,
all the foreign destinations,
I realised that I,
Had no obligations,

To stay in old Blighty,
Where rain always lurks,
I wanted to see Greeks,
Spaniards, Belgians, Germans, Turks,
And thus, my travels began.


South of France,
On a hill,
Tripped on stones,
Falling - still!


South of Spain,
Watching bulls,
Kill themselves,
Group of fools!


Drinking beer,
Late night drive,
Oh dear!


Making cars,
Hammer slipped,
Seeing stars!


Planting flowers,
Didn’t look,
Get the trowel!


Belgian shores,
Chocolate fun,
Had too much,
Dun, Dun, Dun!


Into Greece,
Having honey,
Spilt the jar,
No more money!


Turkish land,
Camel ride,
Bucked me off,
No surprise!


I suppose good, old Britain really is quite good after all.
Marcus Woodhouse

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