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Max Packman-Walder

Page history last edited by Max Packman-Walder 11 years, 2 months ago

Senior 6th Form



All those memories

Are now no more than echoes

Ripples on a lake


Empty Words 

All fallen to the floor, like feathers

Plucked from thin air.

A pack of cards drops

A single object fractures into many

Words leave splinters in my mouth

And thoughts lie, strewn at my feet


The Tale of Stagger Lee: Epilogue (Play)

Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here

Is a problem, that much is clear - 

An issue that concerns us all,

Though it may not seem a pressing call.

One man's life is in our hands

And though its true that these old lands

Were rule by laws from up on high, 

That big ole guy up in the sky

Sent along a brand new book,

Which said the lives that Stagger took

Can't be replaced with further death, 

A life cannot return another's breath.

And yet there's those who feel more

That justice should follow the old law.

Half the people in this space 

Would want his soul to leave this place - 

Or so at least the survey's say,

So have a thought on this fine day

As to what the right thing is to do,

We really haven't got a clue.



The air cracks, and down below

A deep crevasse begins to show.

The lifeblood of the ice migrates

To warmer climes, the cold abates, 

And with it goes the solid form

Mingling with the rest, lukewarm.

And as it thaws strange heat emerges

As if some tap from whence it surges

Had at once become unlocked,

And shown my mind (which once it mocked)

The wealth of feelings underneath,

My heart has lastly left its sheath. 


Far Cry 

A sound, calling me home

From this land in which I know I don't belong.

Travelling through memories 

And trees I used to hide in, 

And forgotten people

Walking in and out of my life;

Past futures that could have been

And presents that are lost,

And times that I want back.

Wailing, beckoning, calling - 

It is a far cry. 



Comments (2)

Michael Hughes said

at 8:31 pm on Apr 22, 2013

Well done, Alex.

Michael Hughes said

at 11:13 pm on Oct 26, 2012

This is an increasingly effective collection.

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