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Georgia M, Hannah B and Grace A

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Möbius Poem


Hungry for a grey cloud

Wanting, hoping, waiting

A shot of rain to fall

Downwards, immaculate, twirl

To start the spiral of life

Onwards, peacefully, enchanted

In nature’s own provider

Purified, graceful, moving on


The uplifting sight of the sun

Protruding, unfolding, ripping

Nature comes out of its enclosed shell 

Breaking, sensing, seeing 

To catch a sight of life

Wondering, living, thinking

In the imaginary world today

Reluctantly, refreshing, realizing


Far away from living

Fading, losing sensation

Falling from your perch

Down, sleeping, never waking

Knowing your last sight is coming near

Amber golden glistening

Take your last breath

Spinning, dying, drowning


Silence is hear no life

Cold, dark, gloomy

Icy pendent are falling

Unnoticeable, twirling, quiet

The silence is unbearable

Longing, looking, feeling

Waiting for life to proceed its cycle

Turning, twirling, again.  


Grace A


Möbius Poem


A baby’s tiny hot foot shuffling,

Growing, tender, preciously plump,

Toddlers playing in the park

Skipping, running, fun, laughing

Teenagers partying all night

Jumping, dancing, bright colours

A mother preparing roast lunch

Fetching, organising, rushing, stressing

A granddad going on his daily stole

Stumbling, hunch back, slithering, humming

A frail great grandmother no longer completely in the world

Un-knowing, needy, can’t think straight, immobile


Georgia M




In the dark cold

Cracking up


No life in me

Fading away



Like a shot

Injected into  me

The feeling of life

Fluttering as a bud


Life is growing

Sun is energising

Mother of all gods

Is finalising



But when time stops

And I turn old

My life will stay

Inside my provider

My skeleton will lie on the floor

Of its feet


Grace A


Summer Stars


I see a star gliding in the sea of blue above me

A sparkle of glinting gold looking at me

So still so delicate so gentle

I see the millions of brave soldiers,

Twinkling above me dancing above me

I see my hand reaching out to catch one,

I see each velvet swirl of light,

Calmly swaying in the moonlight

I can hear the soothing lullaby

Sending me to sleep

Each star is a shining diamond clutching

Its memory of eternity

Living its beautiful dreams



Georgia M   





You look up in the sky

And read untold dreams

Of the past and future

That other people can see


Glistening diamonds

In the great expanse of darkness

The mind draws pictures

And gives you a sign


Use them for eyes,

Your love will be flattered

You may even be one

Who has achieved


When you look up at them

What do you see?

Your life in front of you

Or maybe a dream        


Grace A



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