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Michael T

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A poem about a star


I was, or I could be. A past participle.

I shone. Nothing more… Beautiful. I glittered.


Nothing of stupendous majesty could overpower the forces of nature.

 Nature has enough power to kill us or spare us. What people do not realise is how much stronger nature is.


Alas, it comes, pouring its beauty into the hollow pupils of my eyes. It soaks my eyes in sugar.


Joy comes to my heart.

It is written in the book of prophecy

Nature has told me. I am the chosen one.  My whole life passes.

A… I can’t say it. If I look up at the stars, it is a map. People have shaped the stars. The World. Maybe the universe.

I wept. I weep. I will not stop weeping until…

My Death.




There’s evil lurching


If you dare.

Don’t even dare.

Because, if you dare to talk about… Him, he’ll…

It’s too bad to say.


He is known as the devil’s son.

People would think I’m talking nonsense.

But please, you HAVE to believe my word.

If you die, it’s my responsibility.


It’s committing suicide.

He could take the universe.

You think that you can run.


But you can’t.







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