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Lucy J

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Let us draw swords together

Standing, side by side

Let us face the army,

The fast oncoming tide


Let me help you aim the arrow

Let me shield you as you fight

Let us venture down the tunnel

Until we find the light.


Let the golden rising sun,

Rising upon the morrow

Show us what we have achieved

We have no need for sorrow


Let us laugh in the face of danger

We are invincible, secure

But now let us turn to others

To share what they endure.


Lucy J


Dolphin Games


Dolphin leaps, dolphin jumps,

Dolphin splashes his tail and thumps,

The shining turquoise waves.


 He leaps away, he skips, he hops,

He skids to a sudden dolphin stop,

And dances back through the spray.


The other dolphins come out to play,

They surf the wake all through the day,

And surf the currents at night.


Water shines, and the sun glows,

Spinning, twirling by, he goes,

To play in the eyes of the moon.


The pod flies, the pod turns,

In the sun the water burns,

As the dolphins leap away,


Dolphin leaps, dolphin jumps,

Dolphin splashes his tail and thumps,

The shinning turquoise waves.


Lucy J





Even as the wind dies

And as the hare cries

Gone, the sun’s light

Look through darkness bright

Eagle is soaring


In the night while the

Stars are bright

Soaring in the darkness

O! The beauty

All through the day hidden

Roaming his kingdom

I see Night.

The eagle is gone.


Lucy J




Flickering, dancing

Eternally feeding

Gnawing, Destroying

Burning and Bleeding


Travelling onwards

Blazing Beauty

Heat, Inferno

Razing its path.


Lost Memories

All gone

Ash like snow

Falling slowly down


Tears trickling

Down the faces

Of the survivors

For the lost


Heat extinguished

Fire overcome

But you can never crush

The eternal dance


Flickering, dancing

Eternally feeding

Gnawing, Destroying

Burning and Bleeding



Lucy J





Shining bright

Glowing in the dark

Silent night

Listen to the stars talk.


By Lucy J


The sky stretches far away

The dark of night and break of day

The seasons that never forever stay

I wonder what the stars could say


By Lucy J


You cannot wipe clean the sky

Of the brilliant radiance

The spots of light that unheard lie

In imperfect constellations


Waiting for the impossible

That they might come to brighten earth

And in your dreams miracles come true

The stars may come down to visit you


The sky stretches out beyond our reach

If we could pick a star for every person

Then still uncountable scores remain

The sky is still the stars domain


By Lucy J

















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