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Reuben Hamlyn

Page history last edited by Noah Carvajal 8 years, 3 months ago

The result of being set the task: "a poem about a biscuit in the style of the Metaphysicals"




Crumble sounds the sweet biscuit as it breaks.

Stiff to powder’d , your mouth may make.

But, as it is said, sweetness on the lips,

could, find and fill a life time on the hips.

As sugar suspends sadness, and finds

A whole to fill, whilst falsity eclipses time and mind.


Seduction sounds the biscuit as it breaks,

And drowns itself in tear fill’d lakes

Of gold, of dirt, of lust, of life,

Of sugar. Sweetness only sings, when strife

Allows her mistress in. Weakness will fight,

When honour won’t obey desire, resist you can’t, you bite.


Regret sounds the sweet biscuit as it breaks.

A hazed second, it may only take

For all you built to crumble to the floor.

A bond, so strong, everlasting, be no more.

Hidden in the glistening outer coat,

Seeping poison, screaming ‘you, I’m sweet!’

Love can never float.


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Michael Hughes said

at 11:09 pm on Oct 26, 2012

Now that you have got a taste...

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