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Huw N and Guy D

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Pride of the Lions


Over frosty fields, through misty valleys

They all come ready to challenge.

Down the glen and up the mountains

They battle with passion and pride.

Suffer now champion forever, well that’s what they say,

But I am valiant; I will fight, on through day and also the night.

The adrenaline rush I feel in my blood

Play for your country smash those thugs.

Fortune favours the brave, and indeed it did

I am now a champion, for as long as I live.

We are the lions; the pride of Briton

Everyone watching as the time is now.


Guy D'O




Why do they think that football is a ‘beautiful game’?

It’s boring and I hate it,

But no one seems to feel the same.

Professional soccer players,

Are spoilt and overpaid,

They’re permanntly injured,

Until their talents fade.


But rugby is a sport that’s worshiped far and wide,

A game that’s played by gentlemen,

With passion, glory and pride.

From New Zealand and Australia,

To the valleys green of Wales,

From far away South Africa,

To Ireland’s hills and vales.


They play in Argentina and even USA,

They’re pretty good in Italy,

And France, or so they say,

It’s hard, it’s fast, it’s physical,

It’s brutal, it’s tough,

Not for wimpy footballers,

They find it way too rough.


These nations have come together, to fight it out once


A world cup is on offer,

To the side with the highest score,

I’m loving every minute,

Every try and goal,

Of course I hope Wales wins it,

I pray with heart and soul.


By Huw N





Shining brightly in the black night sky,

Their embers blazing proudly.

Orange, yellow, golden,

looking down on us with their watchful eyes.

Relentlessly shining.

Pisces, Bootes, Pegasus and all.

Lined up with precisely.

Almost as if they were alive.

When we rise they say goodbye for a while.

They are soon back though.

To glisten and glint for us in the black night sky. 


Guy D'O 



The Heineken Cup


Teams come from far and wide

Across the sea and through the sky

Through the tunnel a big rampage,

The rush of adrenalin as you take the stage.

The time is now there’s no going back

Do your team proud, never look back.

You’re playing now, do it for the shirt

Either tackle or have your face in the dirt.

Every team good, they all have a chance

but of course I want Leicester.

You are the ones.


Guy D'O


Mobius strip poem


As we tread softly through the bleak deserts

Calm, anticipating, beautiful

We stay in a pack and march till dawn

Bland, persevering, thirsty

We may be big but we are soft inside

Thud, crash, smash

This is why we are elephants

Grey, humongous, cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Guy D'O

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